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Dump Truck

Transport of materials and debris by load, ton or hour.

Transport of materials and debris

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MAS General Contracting is a company specialized in providing loading and transportation services for construction materials, as well as the removal of debris generated in construction and demolition projects. With extensive experience in the sector, our company focuses on meeting the needs of our clients by adapting to their specific requirements and guaranteeing efficient and high-quality service.

Commercial Products

We understand the importance of having the highest quality construction materials to guarantee the success and durability of your projects. For this reason, we have carefully selected a range of commercial products that stand out for their strength, versatility, and superior performance. From robust options for foundations and road bases to aesthetic solutions for landscaping and drainage, our commercial collection is designed to meet all your construction needs.

#57 Stone:

Ideal for drainage and landscaping projects, our #57 Stone is the perfect choice for durable and aesthetic construction.

#34 Stone:

With great strength and versatility, #34 Stone is excellent for foundations and road bases.


Granulated Aggregate Base (GAB) provides a solid and reliable base for roads and pavements.

M10 Stone:

Our M10 – Stone is perfect for fillings and leveling, offering a consistent and high-quality composition.

Rip Rap:

Protect against erosion with Rip Rap, robust and durable, ideal for retaining walls and barriers.

Recycled Products

Our selection of recycled products demonstrates that it is possible to combine ecological responsibility with construction excellence. Each of these products is carefully processed to ensure their durability and effectiveness, offering a sustainable alternative for modern construction projects. Choose our recycled solutions and join us on the path to greener and more responsible construction.

#57 Recycled:

Choose an eco-friendly option without sacrificing quality with our #57 Recycled, ideal for multiple construction applications.

#34 Recycled:

Durable and reliable, #34 Recycled is a sustainable choice for projects that require robust materials.

Fill Dirt:

Perfect for fillings and levelings, our recycled Fill Dirt is a sustainable and effective solution.

GAB Recycled:

Our GAB Recycled provides a solid foundation and is an environmentally friendly solution for your construction needs.

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